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Welcome to Accessible Algarve Adventures: Unleash the Fun with Inclusivity!
Explore the captivating beauty of the Algarve like never before with our curated collection of wheelchair accessible activities. At Ourico do Mar we believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience the wonders of this stunning region, regardless of mobility challenges. Join us as we embark on a journey of exploration, excitement, and empowerment.

Seaside Serenity: Hoist-Assisted Boat Ride
Picture yourself gliding along the azure waters of the Rio Formosa, surrounded by breathtaking vistas and gentle sea breezes. Our boat ride is designed to provide a seamless experience for wheelchair users. The boat is accessible for both manual and powered wheelchairs, the staff will help you get on the boat. With a dedicated hoist system, you can confidently transfer from your wheelchair to the ocean, enjoying the unrestricted freedom as you float in the ocean.

Equine Elegance: Horseback Riding for All
Unleash your inner equestrian enthusiast with our inclusive horseback riding adventure. Our experienced guides and specially-trained horses ensure that everyone can saddle up and explore the picturesque landscapes of the Algarve. With carefully designed equipment and support, you can enjoy the thrill of horseback riding in a safe and comfortable environment.

Carvoeiro Charm: Scenic Boardwalk Experience
Discover the charm of Carvoeiro with our accessible boardwalk adventure. Our wheelchair-friendly boardwalk is a picturesque clifftop walk that leads from the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação fort to the Algar Seco rock formation.. Unearth hidden gems, capture captivating vistas, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Beach Bliss: Ocean Accessible Beach and Special Beach Wheelchair
Sink your toes into the warm sands of our wheelchair accessible beach, where the ocean's embrace knows no bounds. Our very sympathetic lifeguards will assist you in and out the water in their specially-designed beach wheelchair, granting you access to the waves like never before. Feel the sun on your skin and the sea breeze in your hair as you roll towards the ocean, reveling in the sheer joy of a beach day redefined.


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